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Turkey is a paradise for snacking. Baklava, fresh nuts, spinach pies and döner kebab are everywhere. Down at the river's edge, though, you'll find a motley collection of grizzled characters selling something not so closely associated with Turkish cuisine: seafood.

From wooden pushcarts and bobbing boats, men with voices graveled from years of shouting are calling out to passers-by, promising the fish sandwich they're about to eat will be the most delicious thing ever tasted. And they actually are quite good. About $2 buys a fresh-grilled fish sandwich topped with lettuce, tomato, and lemon. Even if you don't choose to eat, the sing-song cacophony and the precarious sandwich hand-offs between boat and shore make the experience worthwhile. Afterwards, you can cross under the road to the bustling Egyptian Market, which is not to be missed.

The best time to come is afternoon through early evening.

Getting there

Take the train to Eminönü stop, then walk under the base of the Galata bridge to the shore (2 or 3 minutes from the tram stop).

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