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Step into Thailand at the Golden Mile Complex

At first glance, the Golden Mile Complex is just a run-down mall with a lot of bus ticket offices out front. But once you step inside, you'll notice something strange: All the signs are in Thai, all the people are speaking Thai, and the smells drifting out of the restaurants are decidedly inclined towards lemon grass and fish sauce.

If you're planning to visit Thailand after Singapore, this probably isn't too exciting. But if you've already been there and you miss the food, or if Thailand isn't on your itinerary at all this time around, then this building should be. You can eat some of the most authentic Thai food to be found anywhere, shop at the large Thai supermarket upstairs, and by the time you're done, you'll feel like you've earned another stamp in your passport.

Getting there

The closest MRT station is Lavender, about 15 minutes' walk away, though you'll probably need to ask people directions to Beach Road.

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